Gusto and Texas Third Party Authorization
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Running payroll as an employer has many requirements. One of them is submitting quarterly payroll reports to the state. The reports contain a summary of gross wages paid to employees and payroll taxes sent to the state. Gusto handles this for you. Most states simply receive the report from Gusto on your behalf. Texas is special and requires you, and only you, to authorize Texas that it is ok to receive these reports from Gusto. So far we've handled the majority of the work of forming your LLC, processing your S Corp election, and even registering you as an employer with the state. Texas requires this last part to be done by you.


  1. Write down your TWC Tax Account Number. You can find this at Gusto > Taxes & Compliance > Tax Setup. Under the "Texas Tax Setup" section you will find your TWC Account Number.

  2. Create a User ID by clicking here. Towards the end you will be automatically brought to the Request Employer Access page. It will bring you here without having to log in with the User ID you just created. Put in your TWC Tax Account Number from step #1.

  3. Please reply back to the Gusto Texas email and let us know you finish step #2. We will email you when to proceed with step #4.

  4. Log in here.

  5. Click “My Employers” on the left hand side under “Quick Links”

  6. Find your company name and click “Select” under the “Action” column

  7. At the top of the page, click the “Account Info” tab

  8. Select “Third Party Authorization” under “Quick Links” on the right hand side

  9. Select “Complete C-42 Authorization”

  10. Select the box to certify that you are the owner Grantor

  11. Select CEO for Grantor Work title

  12. Under Grantee, populate the following information:
    Grantee TWC Account Number: 140202401
    Grantee’s Name: Gusto Inc
    Street: 1201 16th St Suite 350
    City: Denver
    State: CO
    Zip: 80202

  13. Select “Grant Written Authorization”

  14. Sign the Docusign that comes up and select finish

  15. Log into gusto

  16. From the left side menu > company details > texas tax setup > manage taxes > ui registration > edit pencil > "yes, i have authorized gusto" > save button

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