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You’ve already taken two of the most important steps to help grow your business-of-one: start and get help! We’re your support system on the tax, accounting, and formation side of things. And now, we’re expanding our offerings – bookkeeping included in the price of your membership.

Why? Simple. Bookkeeping takes a lot of your valuable time. And it can be challenging to know whether you really have it right, let alone do so on a monthly basis! And if you’re not keeping up with it, tax season can get messy. Now, you won’t have to!

Here’s what’s included monthly:

  • Categorization of your business transactions

  • Reconciliation of all your business’s bank and credit card accounts, as verified by your statements

  • Review of your financial reports

  • Delivery of reports package: Profit & Loss comparison, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, General Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable detail (if applicable)

  • Closing your books at the end of the year and getting them ready for tax prep

Here’s what’s not included:

  • Sending invoices to your customers

  • Paying bills to your vendors

  • Filing or calculating sales tax returns

  • Processing your payroll

If you interested in taking advantage of this great service, email us and we can get you setup. We also recognize that some of you prefer to handle your books in your own way. We get it! Reach out either way to [email protected] and let us know what works best for you.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this document is provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial or tax advice. It is not intended to be a substitute for obtaining accounting or other financial advice from an appropriate financial adviser or for the purpose of avoiding U.S. Federal, state or local tax payments and penalties.

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