No time or interest in doing your daily/weekly categorizations? Do bank reconciliations feel like a chore? Do you want to receive monthly Profit & Loss and financial reports you can rely on? Sign up for our Bookkeeping Plans.


BK Basic

BK Advanced

BK Pro

Regular Pricing




Promotional Pricing*




# transactions / month




# accounts (checkings, savings, credit cards)




Point of Sale (POS) integration



Standard chart of accounts

Monthly categorization of transactions

Monthly reconciliations

Monthly Financial Reports:

Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Statement of Cash Flow, Monthly reconciliation

  • Promotional pricing for 12 months from the start date

  • Custom pricing for over 300 transactions and/or over 6 accounts

Plans don't include:

  • Sending invoices to your customers

  • Paying bills to your vendors

  • Tangible goods (anything that requires sales tax calculation)

  • Processing your payroll

If you're interested, reach out to us so we can give you a personalized quote.

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