We've completed a few of the Gusto setup steps but need you to complete the rest before your training zoom.


  1. Check your email for two invites from Gusto. One is for your owner/admin profile. The other is for your employee profile. Start with the owner/admin profile invite first. Click accept and build your login. Click to continue on to the setup steps.
  2. Add your LLC's checking account in step 6. This checking accounts needs to be opened with your LLC's EIN.
  3. Verify you bank account in step 9. Most members verify using Plaid as part of step 6. If Plaid was not available and you chose the manual verification method, then enter the micro deposits in step 9.
  4. Sign documents in step 7. The first few pages are building the electronic signature, the last few are applying that signature to the forms.
  5. Now open the employee profile invite email. The steps are mainly self-explanatory but make sure to enter your personal checking account as this is your employee profile.
  6. Follow these steps to switch between owner/admin profile and employee profile.
  7. Here are few more links you we will cover on your training but you can start now if you like. They cover health insurance, running a payroll, how to decipher your payroll reports, and more!
  8. Reach out to us on your Slack channel if you have questions.

Screenshot of the owner/admin profile setup

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