Please read and action the following before your training. Reach out on your slack channel with any questions.

If you already have a Gusto account tied to the EIN of the LLC we are helping you with, please ignore the following instructions and mark the check box complete on your dashboard. Your Onboarding Accountant will help you on your Training Call.

You will set up TWO profiles in Gusto: one for yourself as an employer and one for yourself as an employee. Make sure you set up TWO different profiles in Gusto before your initial training call. This might seem strange, but you are the employee of the company you own, so you need a profile for each version of yourself.

Employer Profile Setup

  1. Check your email for two invites from Gusto. One is for your owner/admin profile. The other is for your employee profile.

  2. Start with the owner/admin profile invite first. You can find it by searching for an email subject that contains "has invited you to"

  3. Click accept and build your login.

  4. Click to continue with the setup steps.

  5. Add your LLC's checking account in step 6. This checking account needs to be opened with your LLC's EIN. Gusto uses Plaid to add and verify bank accounts. If Plaid is not working, look for the manual setup link on the far right of the screen.

  6. Verify you bank account in step 9. Most members verify using Plaid as part of step 6. If Plaid was not available and you chose the manual verification method, then enter the micro-deposits in step 9. In order to use the manual method you might have to attempt the Plaid method to make the manual method link appear.

  7. Sign documents in step 8. The first few pages are building the electronic signature, the last few are applying that signature to the forms. Put "Owner" when it asks for your title.

Employee Profile Setup

  1. Click the drop-down on the top right of your screen where it says Admin. Click the option to switch to the employee profile. You will now enter the flow to set up the employee profile. Click here to read more about switching between profiles.

  2. When you get to the Federal tax setup section please enter "single" in the top drop-down, leave the second drop down as is, and leave all the amounts at $0. Yes, you read that correctly - enter “single” even if you are married*.

  3. If you have a State section, enter "single" in any drop-downs, 0 if it asks about allowances and $0 on any dollar sections.

  4. Make sure to enter your personal checking account as this is your employee profile.

  5. Click here for additional help.

*For more information on why we instruct all of our members to select “single” and “0” during federal and state tax setup (and why it’s perfectly legal to do so), click here and scroll down to the section titled “Why do you want me to put single on the federal and state tax setup in the employee profile for Gusto?”

Note: Any outstanding state tax set-up for payroll will be completed by Collective, to include registering your business, entering tax account numbers into Gusto, etc. If for any reason we need you as the Owner to complete a task, we will reach out to you directly.

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