Call 1 - Prep

  1. Be prepared with website URLs, logins, and passwords for all your checking and credit card accounts.

  2. Please email pdf's bank statements of business checking and business credit cards to [email protected]. You can ignore this step if your account is so new that you don't have a pdf statement yet. Definition of "business account" for this step = any account that contains only income and expense transactions related to your business. We only need statements as of the first of the month of the Box E date on your Form 2553. This form is in the documents section of your Collective Dashboard at Email [email protected] if you need further assistance.

Call 1 - Agenda

Our experts in accounting and payroll will guide you through the following steps. These steps allow the second call to focus on an insights deep dive.

  1. Connect Accounts - business and personal

  2. Personal Accounts Transactions - exclude personal, categorize business

  3. Personal Accounts Close - disconnect from banking screen, JE to equity

  4. Bank Statement PDFs - collect for business accounts, reconcile

  5. Pre-Collective Payroll (if applicable) - collect payroll reports and paystubs from previous payroll provider, verify EIN number, EIN name, LLC name

  6. Schedule Second Call - before end of the first call

  7. Send Recap Email

Call 2 - Prep

The following steps are very important. They allow the second call to focus on an insights deep dive.

  1. Run Your First Payroll - Please attempt to run your first payroll before your second call. If you were unsuccessful or have follow-up questions, we will assist you at the second call.

  2. Accountable Plan for Mixed-Use Purchases - Attempt your first accountable plan. Bring your worksheet to the second call and we will discuss targeted tax-saving guidance.

Call 2 - Agenda

  1. Confirm member ran payroll, run if not, and answer questions

  2. Share insights while reviewing financial statements

  3. Ask Me Anything

  4. Accessing ongoing support

  5. Send Recap Email

After the Call

Reduce Your Taxable Income

Accounting and Payroll Services

Tax Services

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