According to IRS guidelines, to remain compliant as an S Corp you must run payroll through a payroll processor on a consistent and regular basis. You will only run payroll if your S Corp is generating sales from your customers.

Once you have completed your Gusto employer and employee profile setup:

  1. On your Gusto dashboard, you will see a section titled “Things To Do,” look for a “Review & Approve” box. Click it, scroll to the bottom of each page, and click to continue to the next page. This information is everything you entered in the previous Employee Profile Setup section, so it shouldn't be any surprises. On the second page, you will see it adds a radio button for "Yes, Submit New Hire Report". Please leave that as "Yes".

  2. Under “Things To Do,” look for an "Approve I-9" box. Click it, and follow the prompts. You won't be uploading any images, only typing in document numbers as you are the employee and employer. The easiest option is to click both the "Driver License" and "Social Security Card" radio buttons. Don't worry you don't physically need your social security card, you just must know the social security number. On the next screen follow the prompts. The issuing authority for your driver license is the state in which you reside in and seen on your driver license. For your social security card, the issuing authority is United States, the document number is your social security number, and there is no expiration date. Last page, you will enter your name for the signature, Owner as your title, click the check box to authorize, and then click the button sign.

How to Run Your 1st Payroll:

Step by step guide to run your first payroll: click here.

Note: If you need additional help, an Onboarding Accountant can review your questions during your training.

You can also reach out to Gusto's excellent support team. Click here to contact Gusto support. They are based in Denver and will call, chat, or email you to answer all your questions. You can ask them about running special payrolls, understanding your payroll reports, explanations of the various employee and employer taxes, and anything else! Sign in to your Gusto account, go to the Help section on the left hand panel, and click Contact Us to send an email and/or schedule a callback.

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