S Corp Election Confirmation
Discover the S Election Effective Date for S Corporations, locate it on key forms, and learn how to request a 385C letter if needed.
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When you start an S Corporation, there's a specific date that's important - it's called the "S Election Effective Date." You can find this date in a few different places:

  1. Form CP 261 (s corp confirmation from IRS form) - see example below

  2. Any previously filed and accepted 1120-S Business Tax Return

CP 261

The CP 261 letter is important because it officially confirms that your S Corporation has been established. Going forward, your S Corporation's business activity will be reported on the 1120s Business Tax Return.

To learn more about the Form 2553 Election form that precedes the CP 261, click here: https://help.collective.com/en/articles/5670454-s-corp-election-irs-form-2553

What if I can't find my CP 261 letter? The 385C Letter!

If you can't find your CP 261 letter, don't worry - you can request a copy of the 385C letter, which serves as alternative proof of your S Corporation's election. You can request the 385C letter to be mailed to you, but it will take 10-14 business days to arrive. If you do not have a fax number, you can have the form faxed directly to Collective, our fax number is +1 650-275-4240 (it is a private and secure fax line).

Call 1-800-829-4933 (the “business and specialty tax line”).

  • Press option 1 for English.

  • Press option 2 to request forms to be sent to you.

  • The IRS agent will ask a few security questions to confirm you own your LLC.

  • Tell the IRS agent that you need to confirm your LLC is treated an S-Corp, confirm the S-Corp election date, and request a copy of the 385C Letter.

  • Tell the IRS agent whether you’d like to receive the 385C Letter by fax.

  • Tip: The IRS agent will ask, “Do you have a private and secure fax next to you?” If using our fax number, say "yes". Our fax number is +1 650-275-4240.

CP 261

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