You've made it through the end of your onboarding journey with Collective. Yahoo! Now it's time to connect Collective's Backend to your Payroll and Accounting Software Accounts.

Wait, what?!? We know, we know. You've already connected everything six ways from Sunday. And your Onboarding Accountant was already able to see your Gusto and Xero/QuickBooks Online. So much connecting! So how come we need to connect to them?

This final connection allows us to automagically pull, crunch, and expertly review numbers to provide you with quarterly and annual tax and accounting services. This connection is the heart of our Quarterly Tax Estimates, Quarterly Reasonable Compensation Review, and Annual 1120s Business Tax Returns.


  1. A connector module is waiting on your Collective Dashboard at It looks like this depending on if we set you up with Xero or QuickBooks Online.

  2. It is divided in half. One side for Xero/QuickBooks Online and one side for Gusto. Each side has a "connect" button. Click them and follow the prompts to log in.

  3. If you're already logged in, the connector will recognize that and complete itself.

  4. All done!

  5. The connector will now live at the bottom of your Collective Dashboard page. It looks like this (depending on Xero or QuickBooks Online) when its all connected, complete, and happy:

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