Congrats! You are about to meet with an expert Onboarding Accountant, who will uncover and share valuable insights on your financial reports, payroll, and tax savings.

Please watch these videos to understand our goals during the call and provide instructions on how you can set things up before we meet.

You and your onboarding accountant will touch on many topics, such as: salary, shareholder distributions, quarterly tax estimates, home office expenses, personal vs business transactions, monthly/quarterly/annual services provided by the Accounting and Tax teams, 1120s Business Tax Returns, 1040 Individual Tax Returns, and many more.

If there are outstanding questions towards the end of the call, your Onboarding Accountant will help direct you to additional accounting and tax experts on the other end of [email protected].

Please complete the following steps on your own, so the call can focus on an insights deep dive.

Step 1: Setting up your Accounting Software in Xero

Use this link for instructions on setting up your Xero account

Use this link for instructions on importing prior bank data

Step 2: Setting up your Gusto Account

PLEASE DO NOT DO YOUR STATE REGISTRATION. This service is provided to you by Collective. You can ignore any e-mails and dashboard prompts from Gusto about registering your company.

Use this link for instructions to set up your Gusto (employer and employee) account

Step 3: Schedule your Training Call

  1. Click here to log into your Collective Dashboard.

  2. A module is waiting towards the top of your Collective Dashboard. It looks like this:

  3. If you have followed the steps in the videos above your set up should be complete and you can check off the boxes in the module on your dashboard.

  4. After all the boxes are checked, click the "Confirm" button.

  5. A scheduling window will appear.

  6. Pick the first available time that works for you.

  7. Click confirm.

Step 4: Prepare for the Meeting

  1. Be prepared with website URLs, logins, and passwords for all your checking and credit card accounts.

  2. Please upload PDF bank statements of business checking and business credit cards via the document upload button found at app.collective.com > left side menu > documents. You can ignore this step if your account is so new that you don't have a pdf statement yet. Definition of "business account" for this step = any account that contains only income and expense transactions related to your business.

Step 5: Attend the Meeting

  1. Make sure to attend the meeting from a desktop or laptop computer that can handle a Zoom screen share with a few browser tabs open.

  2. Parts of the meeting you'll watch the Onboarding Accountant share their screen.

  3. Parts of the meeting you'll share your screen, while we guide you around where to click.

If you have any other questions please check out our Member’s FAQ article

If you get stuck on any part of this, please do what you can and we will review what's missing together on our call.

We are super excited to meet with you!!

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