Onboarding, managing and paying your contractor is easy and convenient in your Collective dashboard.

Here is how to onboard and manage your contractors.

After contractor has been fully onboarded and confirmed, let's pay them for their hard work.

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1. Can I onboard and pay contractors outside of US?
- at this moment Collective payroll doesn't support international payments. Only US-based contractors. Please use other 3rd party platforms (wise, paypal, veem)

2. How fast will my contractor receive the funds?
- contractor payments processed on four business day direct deposit schedule. Business day ends at 4pm PST. Please plan accordingly

3. Will Collective issue 1099-NEC to my US-based contractors?
- if your contractor is onboarded and paid via Collective payroll (and outside payments are recorded in Collective payroll before December 30th) Collective will issue 1099s to your contractors at the end of the year

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