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[Release Notes] My Calendar
Updated over a week ago

My Calendar puts important dates and tasks front and center in the Collective Dashboard, making it easier for you to stay on top of deadlines.

When you log into your Collective Dashboard, you’ll see a new toggle that allows you to switch between the Timeline View and a new Calendar view.

Timeline view reflects all active work that you’re working with Collective on. (For example, Business Tax Return and Quarterly Tax Estimates).

Calendar view reflects important due dates for your business throughout the year.

My Calendar Page

Within the My Calendar page, you’ll find three main sections:

  1. A scrollable event card where you’ll see important events in chronological order, by month.

2. A monthly summary that highlights the key events and dates you should be aware of.

3. A monthly calendar section that’s marked with the dates from the event cards–and you can take a look at past and future months.

You’ll also be able to search for specific types of events, or even a specific event.

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