The State of California requires that all new LLCs file a Statement of Information (SOI) so that the most accurate company information is available for state regulators and the public at large. You can read more about California’s SOI here.

Your LLC’s SOI must be submitted within 90 days of filing articles of organization. (In other words, within 90 days of the date that your LLC was officially formed.)

The good news? Filing your SOI is easy! Follow the steps below:

1. Start by going to the California Secretary of State website to register your account:

2. Create your account by completing the required fields and then click Register.

3. It will then take you to the bizfile Online California Secretary of State site. From here select ‘File a LLC Statement of Information' under the Business Entities section.

4. Search for your LLC’s name and select it.

5. Then click ‘File Statement of Information’.

6. Privacy Warning / Terms and Conditions of Use - click Next Step

7. Submitter - enter your name, email, phone number

8. Entity Details - enter your LLC name, Entity No. (12 digit number issued by CA), Formed in (California)

9. Business Address - enter your Business Address, City, State, & Zip Code and Mailing Address of your business

10. Manager(s) or Member(s) - Click Add and then enter your Name & Address

9. Agent for Service of Process - Select “I certify the secreted California Registered Corporate Agent (1505) has agreed to serve as the Agent for Service of Process for this entity” and make sure Registered Agent Solutions, Inc. is listed.
Note: Registered Agent Solutions, Inc. (RASi) is Collective’s Registered Agent Partner.

10. Type of Business and Email Notifications - enter a short description of your business’s services & if you’d like to receive email notifications or not.

11. Chief Executive Officer - you can click Add to add a CEO, or click Next Step if you do not have a CEO.

12. Labor Judgement - answer Yes or No to this question

13. Review and Signature - check the box to authorize the information is correct

14. Processing Fee - there is a $20 processing fee. You do not necessarily need a certified copy of the filing unless you want one. So you can either check that box to receive a copy or click Next Step

15. File Online - click File Online

16. Payment Successful - click the download button next to Form & the download button next to Business Entity Filing Acknowledgment to download and save the forms.

See below for examples of the copies of the documents.

Last Step: Upload the Form & Business Entity Filing Acknowledgement to your Collective Dashboard.

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