To start CRN/Income Tax Withholding Registration, please visit the Comptroller of Maryland website and follow these instructions:

Visit the Comptroller of Maryland website, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Begin Registration”.


  1. Please select the Type of Registration(s) that you wish to apply: Select ”Employer Withholding Tax Account” and for filing frequency, select “Quarterly”.
    Click “Continue”


  1. What type of ownership does your business have: Select Limited Liability Company.

  2. Have you paid or do you anticipate paying wages to individuals, including corporate officers, for services performed in Maryland? Select “Yes”

  3. Enter FEIN. Do not enter your SSN in this step.

  4. Enter your SSN

  5. Enter your name

  6. Enter your LLC Name. Please make sure to enter the complete LLC Name. If the Business name is ABC LLC, enter ABC LLC, not just ABC.

  7. If you have a DBA, enter that. If you use the legal name of the business for all transactions, please leave this blank.

  8. Enter your Department of Assessment & Taxation Entity Identification Number from the Articles of Organization. It is the "Department ID" on the document. It's the one in the red box in the picture below:

  9. Enter your Physical address

  10. Enter your mailing address only if it’s different from your physical address.

  11. Enter your Business Phone number

  12. Enter your Business Fax number. If you don’t have one, leave it blank

  13. Enter your email address.
    Click “Continue” at the bottom of the page.


  1. Enter the date you first anticipate paying wages. Usually, it’s the last day of the month.

  2. Enter the number of individuals: 1 (Unless you have more than one employee).
    Click “Continue”


  1. As a Limited Liability Company, do you employ anyone other than a member? Select “No”

  2. Is the Limited Liability Company automatically classified as a corporation for federal tax purposes, or has the Limited Liability Company filed IRS form 8832 whereby it elected to be classified as a corporation? Select “No”


  1. Select all that apply to your business: Select “New Business”.
    Click “Continue”


  1. Did you acquire by sale, merger, change of entity, or reorganization all or part of the assets, business, organization, trade, or workforce of another employing unit? Select “No”.
    Leave the remaining fields blank and scroll down to the bottom of the page.
    Click “Continue”


  1. Enter a description of the business activity which generates revenue. Specify the product manufactured and/or sold, or the type of service performed: Enter your business details. For example, Digital Marketing - Creating ads for clients

  2. Does the location described in the previous question primarily provide support services to other units of the same company? Select “No”

  3. Skip the 3rd question.

  4. Do you operate more than one location in Maryland? Select “No” for only one location. Click “Continue”


  1. Enter each owner, partner, corporate officer or member if known, if this information is unavailable at this time, please fax the information to (410) 260-7908: Enter your own name, SSN, Address and Phone number in first row and scroll down to the bottom of the page.
    Click “Continue”


  1. Review the information on this page to make sure it’s correct. Save a PDF for your own record.

  2. Preparer's name: Enter your own name

  3. Telephone Number: Enter your number

  4. Email address: Enter your Email address.
    Hit “Submit Application”

You will now see a “Thank you” screen with a confirmation number. Please save a PDF of this page for your records and upload it to your Collective documents with the title “Withholding Confirmation”.


You’ll get your CRN within 7 - 10 business days via mail. You can get your CRN faster by contacting the agency after 5 business days. To get your CRN over the phone, please call (800) 638-2937.

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