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Tennessee - Tax Account Registration with Department of Revenue
Tennessee - Tax Account Registration with Department of Revenue

Step-by-Step guide to Tax Registration process

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The most common tax types that you might need to register for are "Business Tax" and "Franchise & Excise Tax"

To register for any of the above tax types, with the Department of Revenue, please visit the Tennessee Department of Revenue website and create a TNTAP account using this step-by-step instruction video or the steps listed on this page.

Step-by-Step Guide to TNTAP Account creation

To start the account creation process, please visit the Tennessee department of revenue Website and follow the instructions mentioned below:

  • Under "New to TNTAP?", click "Create a Logon"

  • Next, fill out the following sections by answering all the required questions.

General Information

  • Are you an entity from outside the United States? Select "No".

  • Click on "Next".


  • Customer Type: Single Member LLC

  • ID Type: Federal Employer ID

  • ID: *** EIN number ***

  • Confirm ID: Re-enter the EIN number

  • Business Name: Complete LLC name

  • First Name: Member's first name

  • Last Name: Member's last name

  • Email: Enter your email address


  • Phone Type: Business Phone

  • Contact Phone: Phone Number

  • Extension: ---

  • Alternate Phone Type: ---

  • Click on "Next".


  • Enter Member's address.

  • USA

  • Attention: Member's full name

  • Click on "Click Here to Verify Address".

  • Select the address with the extension by clicking on "Select this address".

  • Click on "Next".

Log on Info

  • Username: Pick a username

  • Password: Enter a password

  • Confirm Password: Re-enter the password

  • Secret Question: Pick any

  • Secret Answer: Type in one

  • Electronic Correspondence: By email whenever possible

  • Click on "Next".


  • Review the information entered.

  • Click on "Submit".


  • Email: enter email address

  • Confirm Email: re-enter the email address

  • Click on "OK".

  • Click on "Print Confirmation" and save it as "TNTAP Registration Confirmation".

  • Click on "OK".

Log In

  • Enter the credentials under the Log-in section.

  • Click on "Log in".

Protect your TNTAP profile with two-step verification

  • Click on "Add Email"

  • What email address would you like to use? enter email address

  • Click on "Save".

  • Security Code: Enter the code received on the Email

  • Click on "Confirm".

Register New Location

  • Click on "More..."

  • Click on "Register New Location".

  • Date business began at this location: Current Date

  • DBA Name: ---

  • Click on "Click Here to Lookup NAICS Code".

  • Type: NAICS 2017

  • Keyword: Consulting

  • Click on "Search".

  • Select your naics code. If you're not sure about your naics code, try searching "your profession naics code" on google. For example, if you are a marketing consultant, search "Marketing consultant naics code" on google and it should show you the relevant code.

  • Click on "OK".

  • Enter Member's address.


  • Attention: Member's full name

  • Click on "Click Here to Verify Address".

  • Select the address with the extension by clicking on "Select this address".

  • Click on "Save".

  • Mailing Address: Check the box (if it's the same as the business address)

  • Click on "Next".

  • Account Types at this Location: Business Tax

  • Click on "Next".

  • Business Tax Classification at this Location: 3 - Sales of Services & Other Tangible Personal Property

  • Are you a cable tv or wireless telecom service provider? No

  • Click on "Next".

  • Add Location Summary: Click on "Submit".

  • Confirmation: Enter password

  • Click on "OK".

  • Confirmation: Click "OK".

Register New Account

  • Click "Register New Account" under Manage Accounts.

  • Account Type: Franchise and Excise Tax

  • Click on "Next".

  • Franchise & Excise Tax Account Information: None of the above

  • Filing Frequency: Fiscal

  • Fiscal Year End: 12-December

  • Do you have an SOS Control Number? Yes

  • SOS Control Number: Entity Number listed on the articles of organization

  • Click on "Next".

  • Retail Accountability Program Survey: No

  • Click on "Next".

  • Account Commence Date: Current Date

  • Click on "Next".

Authorized Representative

  • Name: Member's Name

  • Email: Member's Email

  • Verify Email: Re-Enter Member's Email

  • Phone Type: Business Phone

  • Area Code:

  • Phone Number:

  • Check the box "I certify".

  • Click on "Next".

  • Add Account Summary: Click on "Submit".

  • Confirmation: Click on "OK".

Once you have completed the registration process, please wait for at least 24 hrs before trying to log back in to your account.

After 24 hrs, please login to the account. You should now see the following tax accounts under the Summary section:

  • Business Tax

  • Franchise and Excise Tax

If you wish to view your Business License document, you can click on "Additional Actions/Licenses" in the Business Tax section.

You should be able to view and retrieve the business license document under the "View Licenses" section.

You can also file tax returns by clicking on "View/File Returns" in the Franchise and Excise Tax section. Under the "Returns" section, you may click on "File Now" to begin the process.

For any questions regarding account creation or registration, please call TN-Department of Revenue at 615-253-0600 or 1-800-342-1003.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this document is provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial or tax advice. It is not intended to be a substitute for obtaining accounting or other financial advice from an appropriate financial adviser or for the purpose of avoiding U.S. Federal, state or local tax payments and penalties.

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