Employer Account Number/Unemployment Insurance Registration

Step-by-Step guide to Unemployment Registration with Maryland Department of Labor

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Employer Account Number/Unemployment Insurance Registration:

To start EAN/Unemployment Insurance Registration, please visit the Maryland - Department of Labor website and follow these instructions:

Visit the DOL - Employer Registration Portal and under “I Need to” section, click “Register for an Account”.

On the next page, enter "Captcha Code" and click "Next".


  1. Create a username using Alphabets+Numbers (Should be between 8 - 64 characters). Try using your first name + last name (without space) followed by 1. Click “Validate” to see if the Username is available.

  2. Once validated, you'll see a "Login Credentials Section". Enter password (Make sure your password is no longer than 15 characters)

  3. Under "Select Security Questions", select the security questions and answers. Make sure to save this information in case of password loss.
    Click "Next"


You will now see your Username and Password. Save PDF for your records. Click “Next”


On the next page, click the “Add” button. The website will ask you to enter the Primary Contact Details. Enter the details using these instructions:

  • Contact Type: Select “Other”

  • Job Title: “Member”

  • Details: "Owner"

  • Enter your first and last name, phone number, and email address. Click “Next”.

You will now see a preview of the contact information you just added. Click “Next”.


For Initial Questions, enter

  • Your FEIN

  • “Are you registering this account for compliance?” Select “Yes”.

  • ”Have you paid or do you anticipate paying wages to individuals, including corporate officers, for services performed in Maryland?”. Select “Yes”

  • Enter the date wages were or will be paid in Maryland: Enter the date you want to process your first payroll. Usually, it's the last day of the month

  • How many individuals are currently being paid for work performed in Maryland?: 1

  • Type of Employment: “Other”
    Click "Next"


  1. Under Employer Information, enter the following details:

    1. Business Entity Type: Select “LLC (Corporation)”

    2. Legal Entity Name: Enter your LLC Name (without commas).

    3. Leave the DBA field blank unless you use a separate "Doing Business As" name.

  2. Under Formation/Incorporation Information:

    1. Date when the business was formed/incorporated: This would be the "Effective Date" or "Filing Date" in the "Articles of Organization" document issued by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation.

    2. Where was the Business formed/Incorporated: Select “Maryland”, unless otherwise.

    3. For communication method, select “Email” and enter your email address.

      Click "Next"


Now it will show you the information you entered on the previous page. Please double-check your FEIN, to make sure it is correct.

  1. Will this employer act as a Professional Employer Organization? Select "No"

  2. Is this employer the client of a Professional Employer Organization? Select "No"

  3. Is this business registering because the FEIN has changed? Select "No"

  4. Is this business registering because of an acquisition, merger, entity change or consolidation with another business or businesses operating in Maryland? Select "No"

  5. How many business locations are currently operating in Maryland? Enter "1"


On the next page, click the “Add” button to add address information.

  1. Under the “Address Maintenance” section:

    1. “Address Type”: Select “Business/Legal” and enter your physical address details. Make sure to enter the complete zip code with the 4-digit extension in the format (XXXXX-XXXX), otherwise, the system will not recognize the address. If you don't know the last 4 of your zipcode, please visit USPS Address validator to get this information.

  2. Under “Update other address Types”, select all address types that you'll be using this address for. If the Mailing address is different, do not check that. Otherwise, select the “Mailing address” too. Hit “Save”

  3. If you've not selected any address on this page, it will give you the option to add a different address for that address type on the next page.
    Next, you will see a list of all addresses along with the address type. Click "Next".


Select the Business category that applies to your business and enter the classification in each step from the drop-down menu.

Also, enter the type of services that you offer in writing. Click “Next”


  1. Under "Owner/Officer Detail", enter the following details:

    1. Owner Type: Select “Member.

    2. Enter your own first and last name + SSN.

  2. Under additional information, again select the following:

    1. Job Title: “Member”.

    2. Percentage of Ownership: 100%

    3. Date of ownership: Enter the "DATE FILED" from your from the MD-Articles of Organization document (SOS). This is the document issued by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation.

    4. Is the owner/officer compensated for their services? Select “Yes”

    5. Leave the End Date of Ownership blank.

Click “Next”. You will now see a preview of the information you added. Click “Next” again.


Review the information to make sure everything is correct. Click on different tabs to move between sections and view the details.
IMPORTANT: Make sure to double-check the FEIN by clicking the "Initial Questions" tab. If any changes are required, click the “Edit” button and update the information.

Once you’ve rechecked all information, under “Certification of Completeness and Accuracy” check the box that says you've examined the application and is true to the best of your knowledge.
Under “Preparer’s Information”, Enter your name, number, email address, and Job title as "Owner". Hit “Next”.

Your application will now be submitted. You should receive your "Employer Account Number (Unemployment)" immediately. It is the Employer ID number. Save the confirmation PDF for your records and upload it to your Collective documents with the title "Unemployment Account Number".

Next, share these account IDs with Collective by following these steps.

If you have any questions for the Maryland (MD) - Department of Labor, please call them at 410-949-0033.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this document is provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial or tax advice. It is not intended to be a substitute for obtaining accounting or other financial advice from an appropriate financial adviser or for the purpose of avoiding U.S. Federal, state or local tax payments and penalties.

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