How to access your MA-Unemployment Tax Account
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Once you hire employees and start running payroll, Massachusetts requires you to register as an employer with the state. This registration will generate account IDs that will be used by our Payroll software, Gusto, to pay taxes and file returns on your behalf. Collective has a dedicated in-house Employer Registration team that solely works on registering Members with the states and making sure Gusto has all the necessary information to run payroll and file reports successfully.

Once we have processed your MA-Employer Registration, you'll receive an email from Collective with instructions on how to access your Withholding and Unemployment accounts.
For the Withholding account, you simply need to visit the Masstaxconnect website and log in using the credentials shared with you via email.

For the Unemployment account, you'll need to create an online account using the steps listed on this page and grant Third Party Access (TPA) to Gusto so Gusto can pay taxes and file returns for your business.

Create an online login to access MA-Unemployment account

To access your Unemployment account, please follow the instructions listed below:

  1. Once your registration is submitted, you will receive an email from [email protected] with your username and a link to access your account. Please click the link in the email.

  2. It will take you to the MA-Unemployment Services for Employers website. Click "Login"

  3. On the next page, click "Create an Account"

  4. Enter your email address and click "Send Verification Code". Make sure to enter the email that you have provided to Collective.

  5. Next, you will receive a code in your email. Enter that code on the next page and click "Verify Email"

  6. Now enter your first and last name and click "Continue"

  7. Next, set up a password and make sure to save it. Click "Create an account"

  8. The website will now ask you to set up multifactor authentication. Please click "Set up MFA"

  9. For multifactor authentication, we advise that you select the "Phone (Voice & Text Message)" option and click "Continue"

  10. Enter your mobile # and click "Text me".

  11. On the next page, enter the code that you received on your phone and click "Verify Code".

  12. You should now see a message informing you that there is an Unemployment account linked to your email address. Click "Ok/Submit"

  13. Go back to MA-Unemployment Services for Employers page and click login.

  14. Enter your email address and the password you created in step#7. Hit "Log in"

You should now see your Unemployment account ID and assigned UI tax rate. Please take a screenshot of this page and upload it to your Collective documents, then proceed to grant third party access to Gusto.

Grant Third-Party Access (TPA) to Gusto

Once you have access to your MA-Unemployment Tax account, please follow these instructions to grant Third Party Access to Gusto. (You can also find these instructions in this video.)

  1. Once logged in, you will see the "Summary" | "Action Center" | and "Additional Services" tabs. Click "Additional Services"

  2. On the next page, under "Access Management", click "Manage third-party administrator access".

  3. Click "Add third party administrator".

  4. The website will show you the information that you need to grant access. Click "Next"

  5. Now enter Gusto's agent ID: 102976 and click "Next".

  6. Now check the "Employer" checkbox and for the role, select "File wage reports and make payments".
    Select "No" for benefit charges protest or wage and separation mailing. Click "Next".

  7. Now hit the "Submit" button.

Once you've submitted the third-party authorization, please upload the confirmation PDF to your Collective documents with the title "TPA Confirmation (MA-DUA)" - Document Type: Employer Registration Documents.

Also, reply to the email that you received from Collective to let us know that you have logged in to your account successfully and completed the TPA process.

Should you require assistance handling any notice or action items related to your MA-Unemployment account, drop us an email at [email protected]. Our Payroll Tax team will be more than happy to assist you.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this document is provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial or tax advice. It is not intended to be a substitute for obtaining accounting or other financial advice from an appropriate financial adviser or for the purpose of avoiding U.S. Federal, state or local tax payments and penalties.

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