If your business is located in the state of AZ, Gusto will ask you for Unemployment Account Number and Tax Rate in order to remit taxes to the state of AZ. The new employer Tax Rate is usually 2% and is already entered into Gusto by our Setup Specialists while setting up your Gusto account. For Unemployment Account Number, Collective will take care of the registration process for you.

For most states, we receive the Unemployment Account Number immediately after the registration process but AZ can take upto 3 weeks to process the application. The state then mails a letter to the LLC with the account number which is usually an 8-digit number or provides it ONLY to the Owner of the LLC over the phone.

If it has already been 3 weeks since your application was submitted and you haven’t received the letter with your Unemployment Account Number, we suggest that you call the state at 602-771-6602 to check the status of your application and get your account ID. Please note that the lines are usually busy and it can take anywhere from 30 - 60 mins before a live representative answers your phone.


  1. Look for the letter from Arizona (mentioned above) with your Account ID

  2. Enter it into Gusto by going to your Gusto profile > Taxes & Compliance> Tax Setup > Manage Taxes > Edit pencil next to Unemployment Account Number

  3. Enter the number and hit the Save button.

  4. We also suggest emailing the letter to Collective at [email protected] so we can save this information for any future correspondence with the state. In that email please also provide a link to this article and mention that you completed the Action steps.

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