QuickBooks Online is owned by Intuit. Intuit also owns QuickBooks Self Employed, TurboTax, Mint, and other products.

A single Intuit user account based on your email ties together these products and will let you into the correct product depending on the login page you visit.

The following steps will help you log in to QuickBooks Online.

First Log In

  1. Look for an invite email with "Quickbooks Online Essentials" in the subject. Look for a link in the body of the email that says any of the following:
    Let's go
    Accept Invitation
    Use this intuit ID

  2. If you've never used an Intuit product you will be prompted to create a login. If you already have an Intuit login you will be prompted to enter your password. If you forgot your password, look for a password reset link. Once you've reset your password, go back to the original email in step 1 and click the link in the body of the email. It is important that you "enter through this link" for the first time that you log in. You can also try going to in an incognito or private browsing window and entering you ID and PW.

  3. Click "Continue" on the success screen that pops up.

  4. The following prompts are annoying questions designed for Quickbooks marketing department and have little to do with setting up your books. Do your best to click through them. You should see something about "What's your role at your business". Look for the following options:
    Yes, someone helps me
    All set

  5. More prompts may follow. When possible look for options to "skip". You can find it hiding out on the bottom right of the screen.

Future Log Ins

To access QuickBooks Online please visit and sign in with your Intuit User Account. Click here to learn more about managing your Intuit User Account.

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